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Void AR


VOID SLAM is designed for high quality AR presentation. It is using monocular camera on regular smart phone or smart glasses to reach the same SLAM effect through Hololens. It lowers the threshold for high quality AR applications.


    This technology identifies not only the specific scenario, but also recognize 3D information. The Mixed Reality helps to perfectly fuse the virtuality content and reality environment


    The VOID SLAM is a multiple fusion model based on the key frame vision SLAM system and IMU. Build virtual contents in real world freely without any markers to give you wonderful AR experience

More Features


    The VOID AR cloud computing center. Ultimate Image Library. Recognizing and tracking target in ten-millions image library within 1 second. Simple and succinct API design

  • Image Recognition

    VOID AR can recognize very detailed images such as card, banknote, and magazine, etc.

  • Multi-Target Recognition

    Multi-Target Recognition can identify and track multi targets in the scene with high stability

  • User-Defined Images

    Customize the markers as user-defined, no matter a postcard, a poster, or a magazine

  • Extended Tracking

    In the environment full of features, even if the target is out of cameras sight, the AR effect still last

  • Dynamic Loading

    Load and recognize the target dynamically based on users needs. Let the app become lighter and smaller, fexible and faster. Have the AR experience every minute

  • Video Playback

    Playing video directly on a target surface.

  • Online Video Play

    Videos can be played simply online
    Video data can be online obtained instead of being embedded and packaged into client server

  • AR Recording

    One key recording to keep your AR moment

  • Development Platform

    Easy to use and effective
    Resource management, data retrieval etc.